Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I made it out of the dentist's office without any serious pain. I needed some preventative work done before it turned into a cavity. More or less ouchless except for the bill.

My day was going along pretty well and then I hurt my arm. I was heading out of a store and the door slammed back into me. The metal know that locks the door caught me just inside the
elbow and left a big bruised spot. It was fine Saturday but hurt slightly on Sunday. On Monday morning it woke me around 4 am aching and throbbing. Today I can hardly use it for some heavier tasks.

I put Flexall on it but it still aches. Must have bruised the bone as my mom used to say. If it is not better by the weekend I guess I'll make a trip to the fast food doctor's clinic ( Medicus )

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