Thursday, August 23, 2007

Last night we had dinner out with Blake for the first time. We met Amy, Joel, Ashley and for the first time,Blake at Ruby Tuesday. It was a blast and he was the perfect little gentleman. He just laid in his carrier and grinned at all of us. I know at his age ( one Month ) he really can't see everything but he seemed top really study the brass trumpet hanging on the wall.

We finally got the car back from the air conditioner shop. It was there 10 days. 95% of the delay was not their fault I am sure. The first replacement they put on was also bad and then a few issues beyond their control delayed them further. But it is home now and not a minute too soon. Kris's car which has been down several days goes in tomorrow.

Sam and I were hanging around the airport last night. We wern't doing much, just talking about taking the radio to the shop on Monday. Yes the number two com is semi inop. We were aware of a plane landing and of the rapidly building thunderstorms, but gave it no real thought. Turns out the plane was passing through and landed because of a misfiring engine. It was a young guy about 20-21 who was heading home from taking his flight test. He passed. Welcome !! A brand new pilot. He made the right choice. Those storms became very big and violent quickly. It was already after hours so the airport shop was closed. And his phone was dead. But somehow he noticed us and Sam being an A & P mechanic we grabbed the tools and figured out his problem within 20 minutes it was fixed. ( bad $30 spark plug ) But Steve ( the new pilot ) knew enough not to challenge the storms. And called his father, also a pilot who drove up from Jefferson, Georgia and they spent the night in Anderson. The old saying if you absolutely have to go if you got time to wait

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