Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Joe Sangl would be proud of Kris and I when it comes to our attitude about new cars. Our "family" car is several years old. Most people
would have traded-up by now, but we figure it gets us from point a to b and we can make a lot of repairs for the price of a new vehicle. Besides it gets good mileage.

We put a new air conditioning system on it about two months ago. But it locked up and quit working. Under warranty thankfully. So it went back to the shop. But because of a problem beyond their control has caused them to become far behind and it is still there.

Normally that would not be a problem because we still have two other cars. However on Friday Kristie's car the " ' lil Dragster" developed a dead battery. It is eight years old so I was not surprised. Bad news, the jumper cables are in the other car which is in the shop.

So I hooked the charger to it and hoped it would regain enough juice to drive to the shop. But it would not start the next morning. Not even a grunt. So I planned to just take the battery out take it to the store and get a replacement, but would you believe it. I could not get the terminal off. The side post screw is stripped and no amount of twisting and wd40 will break it loose.

Worse still the screws are made of lead and are soft so the socket is now slipping on it as the edges are beginning to round out.

If it still won't start or continue to run I may have to cut the cable off and replace it too. I dread that because it goes somewhere under the car and disappears.

I'll figure out something when I get the other car back. Meanwhile guess I'll just drive my sweetie to work. On my way to the gym.

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