Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday was a glorious day around here. The sun was out and the temperature was absolutely perfect. I was excited to get outside.

Around 11:45 I met the
most beautiful woman in the world, my wife, downtown at Jax New Orleans Bistro for lunch. Jax is an interesting place in that they have two locations. One for regular days and one for special nights and so on. I don't understand it, but I guess it doesn't matter. Whatever their business strategy, their food strategy is killer. Lip smacking good, with a New Orleans, Jazz band / Cajun like flair.

Anyway my honey and I arrived at the same time and were seated. Obviously we just beat the lunch rush, because we were the only customers there. But by the time our food arrived the place was filling up. Jax gives a birthday discount during the month of your special day with a percentage off equal to your age. So I was grinning at the deal I was about to receive. I guess that is ONE advantage of advancing time. Warning : If you comment that before long, they will be paying me to eat there, I will hunt you down and thrash you with a leftover 'scetti noodle.

I ordered a Cajun style bacon burger with blue cheese crumbles. With a pasta salad instead of fries. Oh my my ... I am at a loss for words. Kristie had the Jax house special burger. The thing were so big that around half of each came home in a to-go box. It was a great meal. Plus as I said, it was made extra special, dining with my lovely wife.

Before lunch I had only two stops. Pop in at the Post Office to pick-up my mail and send a package of forms off. And most importantly, stopping at Best Buy to get my copy of the three disc collectors edition of the latest James Bond dvd, "Quantum of Solice"

It's Pretty easy to figure out how I spent my evening.

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