Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It was another great weekend. Thursday was my sister’s birthday. We burned the phone line half the evening. I wish she was next door some times

I spent the rest of the night at my in-laws house. June is a true world class cook and nothing is better for a birthday celebration than one of her special meals. Unless maybe it is her deep pan coconut cake.

On Friday my bride and I spent a wonderful night together without any agenda. Kristie once again reminded me what an amazing cook she is whipping up a meal fit for a king and doing it from scratch in just 30 minutes. After we ate we spent the evening watching my birthday dvd. A video of Curious George cartoons. Yes I love the “World’s Most Curious Monkey”. It was a great evening, cartoons and quiet time, talking and celebrating my upcoming birthday a day early.

Saturday morning my bride woke me with the admonishment to be patient, breakfast would be worth the wait. So I grabbed a cookie and a cup of coffee, sit myself down in the living room. In less than the time it takes for a one Curious George cartoon she was calling me to the table. She had whipped up a big baked scrambled egg omelet casserole deal.

Later that afternoon she surprised me with a delicious fruit pizza. And that evening we met friends for some greasy burgers at a local hole in the wall type café.

After that we headed across town to Concord Baptist Church to hear the CCM group Big Daddy Weave. The concert was a part of a several day crusade which featured nationally know author, speaker Josh McDowell. Big Daddy did a great show and truly set the stage. Josh then delivered one of the most unique messages I have ever heard. Quiet a few teenagers went forward at the end.

What a great way to celebrate my birthday.

We had a great time.

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