Monday, March 02, 2009

I woke early Sunday morning. Working as an production engineer at NewSpring means arriving before sunrise at around 6:30 am. When I got out of the sack it was raining, HARD . We even had a clap or two of thunder. So the forecast of snow seemed to be a bit off the mark once again.

All through set-up, run through and the first service we could hear the rains hitting the building hard. And the production rooms are deep within the building so I knew it was truly coming down in buckets. The rain seemed to slack-off during the 11:00 am (second) service but since our audio and video production control rooms are far from windows I had no real idea what was going on outside. Imagine my surprise when I headed out for my lunch break and found it much colder than pre-dawn and it was sleeting.

After getting home and having a nice HOT lunch I switched on the TV to catch the weather. Snow was falling just south of here and heading our way. Three times this year I've seen flurries but nothing that sticks. Today however would be a different story. At my house it started around 4 pm with those, as Forest Gump would say, "Big Fat Snowflakes" They fell through out the late afternoon and most of the evening, the final tally was somewhere around three inches in my yard.

Naturally in South Carolina this is a paralyzing event. Everyone ran to the store to snatch supplies of milk and bread, and of course all the good ole' boyz jumped in their 4 x 4 pickups after loading cement blocks and chains in the back and headed out to patrol the roads and demonstrate the latest technique for laying the perfect donuts in the snow.

Our lights flickered off a time or two but Kristie and I were lucky. We had heat all night. Around 15000 in our area didn't, and some are expected to remain out until later this week.

Excuse me I need to go now. I have an old cardboard box in my garage, the hills are covered and times-a-wasting.

See ya

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