Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hello Americans... Stand by for news

I was saddened to read that Paul Harvey had passed away. He was 90 years old. Just couple days ago I heard his voice doing a commercial and thought to myself he did not sound good.

I started listening to Paul Harvey every day way back in the middle seventies. I worked in a music store those days while finishing up school. I made it a point to stop each weekday at 12:35 gather my co-workers and tune him in. If we had customers in the store that required our attention we'd pop in a cassette tape. To me Paul was the lone voice of reason on the airwaves. Funny how so many things change yet stay the same. I don't get to hear Paul Harvey ( or more recently one of his guest hosts ) every day, but I still tune to his midday show more than half the time. And Paul was still one of the few voices of common sense and values on the air.

Paul Harvey had been on the radio with his own show for over 50 years attracting millions of listeners. He was still extremely popular. Just a few years ago the network re-signed him to a ten year $100 million contract.

I am going to miss hearing Paul Harvey. There is good news in that it appears his son Paul Harvey Jr. will be continuing the family tradition. He too is a seasoned veteran, substituting for his dad for years filling in several times a week. Paul Junior has also been writing the stories so loved by the audience for more than 30 years now. I think he'll be a worthy heir to the mic.

So every time I am able, you can rest assured I'll be tuning in around midday to hear " the rest of the story ".

Thank you Paul Harvey for so many great memories.

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Jungle Mom said...

Today I am allowed to leave comments!!!
I always loved listening to him, he is of an era that no longer exists. Our loss.