Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Kristie and I are finally settling back in after our long "do nothing" vacation at Edisto Island. It is the first non agenda vacation we've taken in a long time. Most of our time there, we set no alarms, used no phone, computers and held ourselves to absolutely no schedule. Other than sitting around, snacking and soaking up the relaxing sights and sounds at the least commercial beach location in the southeast. Most of our vacation trips are spent dashing around, maximizing our time, seeing every thing we can and doing as much as can be squeezed in. Most of the time we NEED a vacation after our vacations. But this trip we truly relaxed. We treated it like our 3rd, 2nd honeymoon. It was great.
This photo was not taken on this trip, but rather at an earlier time. Our condo was next to the lake along side the golf course just left of center of the shot.A ground level view of golfing just behind our apartment.There is not much commercial development at Edisto, but after seeing this I wondered if Gilligan and Skipper lived there.
Edisto is famous for the great shells. Something about the currents

This little lady from Montreal knew where to find the best ones.
Her name is "Hannah" ( she spelled it for me)

Other than lying in the sand ( it's still a bit cool for the water ), playing golf and collecting shells rule the activities in this low key paradise.

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Jungle Mom said...

Lovely. That SS Minnow is too funny!