Monday, March 16, 2009

Wow another busy weekend for us again starting on Thursday morning, early !

I was up around 4 O'clock too excited to sleep any more. My church hosted Unleash conference and I was up and ready to go. As a volunteer I reported at 6:15 and had a day filled with uplifting and moving experiences. NewSpring had more than 3000 guests attending from all over the globe and as I found out later 900 more joined in via the web cast. I think the 525 or so volunteers would all agree we had more fun than anyone else. And as I have stated every year. We had our batteries recharged too.

As soon as the conference wrapped up I headed off to Georgia. It was a sad time as well as a time for rejoicing. Kristie's great Aunt who was in good health and very active at 80 suddenly passed away, or as we all prefer to say was promoted. So while we were sad and will miss Geneva, we are happy at the same time.

Our Friday was spent with the family and attending the funeral. Kristie and her brother played and sang, doing a fantastic job. Geneva left a legacy behind and the pastor challenged us all to step-up and fill the same roll in our families. Yes there was an alter call at the services. Geneva was famous for her love, caring and her cooking. She even ran her own catering business for several years. I've noticed several great cooks have gone on lately. Could it be be that God is preparing the marriage supper for his church?

Friday night one of my friends celebrated a milestone birthday. I'll not say which milestone, but if he were a dog he'd be nearly 3 centuries old. We had a surprise party for him at A.U. in the Sullivan building. I remember just a short time ago when NewSpring held our services there. We've seen a lot of lives changed in the short time since then. We had a great time and more cake than I have ever seen. Happy Birthday Patrick

I spent a while with dad on Saturday. Moving him to the Brown center was a great decision. Dad was awake and alert and we enjoyed some good conversations. He has his good and bad days, but has been on the upswing for longer this time. A prayer answered.

Saturday night was spent with Kristie's family. Her brother Richard was down for the funeral Friday and chose to stay for the weekend. We don't get to see him a lot so we enjoyed our time together. Richard is a hardcore Tar-Heel fan, so basketball was on in the background the entire visit. I forgive him for his poorly masked glee at Clemson's loss.

Sunday was a volunteer day for me still training as an engineer. I wonder will I ever catch to the technology God lets us use to reach the world? Sunday night was one of our best homegroup nights ever. And trust me, Kristie had nothing to do with it. The lesson was just perfect, and connected to all of us and the events of our past week. Everyone seemed to be so involved in the discussion. And it goes without saying the food was yummy. Thanks for hosting John and Sue.

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Jungle Mom said...

"I've noticed several great cooks have gone on lately. Could it be be that God is preparing the marriage supper for his church?"
What a delightful thought!