Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chicken Truck, Chicken Truck, behind it I'm stuck Chicken Truck, Chicken Truck, ain't it just my luck Chicken Truck on Highway 29 Well I got behind a chicken truck from Georgia And the feathers were a fallin' like snow out of the sky Chicken Truck on Highway 29
- John Anderson

That's was the way I felt this morning. Trapped on the highway by a slow moving snow storm of feathers. That's a regular thing in North East Georgia the unofficial chicken capital of the world. Anyway I finally got around him passing quickly only to again be slowed a moment later by a logging truck. Never get hurry around here, because that's a sure fire way to bring out the chicken trucks, logging trucks, farm equipment and other slow moving things to block your progress.

Dad Update : It's been a long while since I updated on my fathers condition. Mainly because in the big picture not much has changed. We got dad moved closer to home and a major benefit is that he gets a lot of visitors. One of the nurses told me he is in the top 5 in visits. That is a great thing. Dad is feeling pretty good and is alert much of the day. It was night and day different a couple weeks ago but the doctor attributed that to dad having a rather nasty chest cold which caused him to sleep most of the time. Today he was laughing and acting like he felt good. That warms my heart. Thank you all for your continuing prayers.

Snow is about gone now. But we still have some on the back side of my house. They say if it stays on the ground three days you'll get more. Today is the third day. ( or forth depending on how you count ) I doubt it'll last much longer. The forecast is for 78 degrees this afternoon. It was 14 degrees and windy just 36 hours ago, 64 degrees in 36 hours. No wonder my sinus' are buggin' me.

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Soul Skittles said...

I mean *ahem* Poor you. I hate chicken trucks and stuff.