Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Be afraid be very afraid. Me I'm staying in the house. Mostly I shall stay in the bed with the cover pulled over my head. For sure I will not use the stove, microwave or any other items that could cause a fire or electrical shock. I'll be certain not to get anywhere near knives, scissors or razors. There is no way you'll find me with open umbrella, using a mirror, ladders, nor within yards of a black cat. Yep I think I'll just stay in bed keeping the floor covered in pillows just in case. Matter of fact I may not even peek out all day.

I'm Kidding. Bad things connected to Friday the 13th is just a silly superstition. It's a funny source of amusement more than anything else.

I do not believe in Luck good or bad in the traditional way. I do believe in random events that can be shaped by actions of self and others ( in that we make our own luck )

I graduated from Moreno Valley High School on a Friday the 13th. In June. That was a great day for me and a surprise to those who knew me I am sure. Friday June thirteenth. Extra points for the reader who figures out which year. I'll leave you a few clues.

  • Daylight savings time began earlier that year.
  • Astronauts set a space endurance record that year
  • A new Airport is opened in Paris
  • Atlanta - Fulton County Stadium saw a new world record set
  • South America got it’s first female head of state.. No not Jungle mom
  • We had two Presidents that year, one was from California
  • Stuntman Evel Knievel was all the rage
  • The world heard some Rumbles in the Jungle, specifically around Kinshasa, Zaire
  • It was a very important time for Batman

Figure this out and tomorrow could be your lucky day. The winner gets a complementary subscription to my blog. WOW calm down out there.

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Soul Skittles said...

Hum. I don't get what could be so bad about Friday, or the number 13, or black cats or anything.
But it makes for fun stuff to make fun of. Hehehe.
I don't has a guess. :'( Boo me. I really wanted a complimentary subscription.