Thursday, February 26, 2009

The past few day I have suffered with a cold. I truly expect I'll recover but for now that hope seems a distant glimmer. Seriously, I am reminded of the old adage that if you do nothing a cold will run it's course in 6 or 7 days. Or you can take the best meds and your cold should last around a week. I had a friend once who professed it best to ignore it completely. I think he was about half a bubble off center. I've not ignored it in the slightest. In fact I virtually rattle from the dosage of symptom relievers I've ingested.

One of the bad parts of a cold is that it robs you of energy and in my case interest. To be honest all I really want to do is sit, sleep, and stare at the blank wall above my tv. Last night I even had to force myself to watch the weather.

Just sitting would be a great time to catch-up on some books, but truly right now I could care less about reading. It would be a great time to organize my projects but that too would take an effort. I'd rather test my eyelids for light leaks right now.

I am sure the life of this mess is about complete and that in a day or so I will be my normal self again. But for now please excuse me if I answer your messages with one or two word replies. Because you see, it's nap time.

See ya


Soul Skittles said...

Boo, colds. I hate taking medicine so usually i just suffer until it goes away. i think you've given yours to me through the internet so now you'll be better soon and then my blog will be riddled with Ebola. :)

Charles said...

Good thing my ISP has filters

~K~ said...

Hope you are feeling better!