Sunday, February 08, 2009

Have you ever noticed how things only break late at night, on weekends or whenever it is the worst time?

The sink faucet in our kitchen broke and the water would not stop running. At 10:30 pm on a Saturday night. Not a large issue except that I could not find the pack of replacement washers I usually keep in that junk drawer. Must have use the last of them earlier. Alrighty then! That is frustrating because the last thing I wanted to do was get dressed again and head to Wally World. But where else is open at 10:30? So leaving tools scattered like a true tool man, I changed from my comfortable pj's and slipped my jeans and shoes back on.

On the way over I noticed my truck turn signal had stopped working.... Rats a fuse maybe? Well at least the tail lights are still working. I arrived and see the parking lot is much fuller than I would have imagined. What are all these people buying at quarter to eleven? After parking and walking some distance to the door I find it locked. But wait I thought this was a 24 hour store. It is! The door 75 thousand yards away on the other side is open. Why do they lock one door at night? Is it because criminals only will use the right hand doors? What does it accomplish? Only Mr. Sam knows I guess.

Finally I find the section and arrive in the plumbing department. Would you believe it, no 79 cent little pack of sink washers. They have plenty of the old style but ours is a single handle Delta faucet. I am out of luck. Now I am really frustrated. Can't think of a single place that would have them and be open. Tomorrow is Sunday. and Monday I have all day meetings. Drat !!

Oh well maybe I can fix it and turn the water back on Tuesday. Who needs water in their kitchen anyway, only softies I am certain.

Oh about the truck turn signal. After standing on my head and trouble shooting the fuse box with a flash gripped with my teeth, I have decided the blinker unit is faulty. Tuesday evening is gonna be busy, hope it is still warmer then.

Good night


Soul Skittles said...

Aw. Poor you. Wally World is weird. :D Cuz weird starts with a W.

Delta Faucet said...

Plumbing is a great job, if it was not for the water. LOL.

Jungle Mom said...

This was funny to read although I am sure not so funny dealing with.

Charles said...

in 17 years a couple washers is the only flaw I've ever faced with my sink faucet. Delta makes a fine product.

Actually it was funny then too. Oh and the turn signal. Working next morning... go figure