Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm back.
After a small break I am ready to resume filling your lives with totally useless thoughts, events and insane dribble.

Dad Update: it's been a long six months for our family. The most recent month involved a twenty-four hour presence with dad. But prayers have been honored and not only is dad improving, we were able to get him admitted to a rehab facility much closer to his home. Thank you all for your continuing prayer for dad and the entire family. We still have a way to go but for now things are progressing smoothly.

We had snow last night. And it was COLD. The snow was very light and did not stick but it did snow again. It was cold last night by any one's standards. After a couple mild days it seemed even worse. The temperature last night fell to 17 degrees ( -8 c ) at my house. Combined with winds of 25-28 knots and gusts to 35 knots we had sub zero wind chills out side. At minus 15-20 degrees ( -26 to -29 c ) that's deadly if unprotected. Maybe it was colder where you live. Our friends in Anchorage might have a claim to that. But on Tuesday I was working outside in a short sleeve t-shirt. Last night was a three blanket night.

At NewSpring Church we held our first live web interactive church services this past Sunday. We had people "attend " from every corner of the U.S. and from eight countries. We had over 1700 hits and 356 attending the whole service. This is amazing. Check it out here. Get involved.

A couple quick prayer requests.
  • One member of our homegroup ( who was baptised just last Sunday ) had to put his father in the Hospice house this week. Remember John's family.
  • Also a friend and member of our former homegroup was admitted to the hospital yesterday with chest pain. A heart attack has been ruled out, but they are finding some painful infection and fluid build-up around his heart. Remember him and his family.

I know this entry has been scattered. I guess it was a sort of "catch-up blog" The break was nice but it is GREAT to be back.

Gotta run. I just found out Vic Chesnutt is coming to the "40 Watt" in Athens Saturday. It's a small place. I need to see if I can snag tickets at this late date.

See ya later


Jane-Jane said...

i'll be praying.

Soul Skittles said...

Yay, you're back! :D
Otay, i will pray.
Ew, cold and snow.
Guess what? Saturday the high is supposed to be 50 F here. :D