Monday, February 16, 2009

My nephew Logan enjoys his time in the Cub Scouts. Logan has always been one of those boys who loves the outdoors. And doing things. Cub Scouts make a perfect outlet for Logan's interest and his unlimited energy. Another great thing about Cub Scouts is the time and activities that a son and his father get to spend together. Richard, my brother-in -law has always been great about making time with his kids a priority. Truthfully I think he loves Cub Scouts as much as Logan.

One of the more memorable activities for me in my Cub Scout time was Pinewood Derby. My dad and I spent what seemed like thousands of hours building a car that was not only fast, but was eye catching too. In it's final form my car looked something like A.J. Foyt's 1961 winning Indy car entry. Complete with an old Army man carved down, and painted to look like a driver, exhaust pipes and roll bar and even a windshield trimmed from an old airplane model. My Pinewood car is to this day a treasured item on my shelf.

Logan called this weekend. So excited he could hardly speak ( A miracle if you know him ) In the final round of racing at his local Pinewood derby, his car had placed high enough to move on to the statewide finals. He is so thrilled and I am proud of him and his dad. In my racing history my car did well, but nothing that great. I guess it was built more for show than speed.

Congrats "Uncle Buck" ( Logan ) I am going to try to make it to those finals. Save me a seat.

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Jungle Mom said...

Its really cool you have such a great relationship with your nephew.