Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life a filled with Compromise

Just about everything we think, say or do is the result of a decision we make between the various options. For example, I don't like to work. I would love nothing more than to sit around watching videos and taking naps. BUT I like to eat. And eating takes money, and to get money I have to work. It's a compromise

There are a lot of other places in my life I had to compromise.

I love airplanes. My ultimate dream would be to have a Gulfstream
GIV-SP jet to ride around the world in. But Gulfstream Jets are expensive. Even a used GIV costs over twenty-four million dollars. What I can actually afford hang glider. But I reached a compromise, found a partner and a generous banker and I now fly small Cessna.

When it comes to a house. I have always favored a modern Biltmore House or Hearst Castle style estate. What I can afford is a large cardboard box, so again I compromised found assistance and now I reside in a nice warm house.

My idea of a great ride is a Ferrari 512M Testarossa What I can afford is a skateboard. Another compromise and I drive a economical midsized car

But there are a couple places I absolutely will NOT compromise

One is peanut butter. The image of peanut butter has taken a beating recently because of the salmonella scare.
Peanut butter is a great food. As far as I am concerned there is but one brand worth eating. JIF
Jif is a peanut butter lovers peanut butter. Its not just choosy mothers who choose Jif

The other place I'll never compromise is my faith and values.

There is but One God and only One way to him. PERIOD

And it is never wrong doing the right thing morally.

What is the one thing you will not compromise on in your home? Your life?

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