Thursday, February 05, 2009

In a heartbeat it was gone. Lost forever.

While sitting quietly sipping hot chocolate the relaxed holiday truce was shattered in an unprovoked sneak attack. While the damage to our unoccupied snow fort was major, our engineers feel it can be repaired within a few days. Fortune was with us as no vital supplies were compromised.

Surveillance cameras failed to obtain clear photos of the event, however one of our operatives in the field returned this captured photo of the so called Snow-a -saurus upon it's return from the raid.

Clearly this new escalation shows that we can never be too vigilant in our defense. Taking quick action we have moved our HQ and our battle operations center underground at a location known only to senior staff, and milkshake drinking people who detest shopping at Wally World.

In response to the newest threat we are dispatching another in a long line highly technical of top secret snow heaving weapons powered by giant rubber bands and fueled with marshmallows.

Those who dare to attack us are quaking in their dark fake fur lined lairs.

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