Monday, August 04, 2008

A quick prayer request turned into both a request and a praise report.

My father who is 76, had a serious accident ( a fall ) at his home on Saturday evening. There was facial damage and it appeared eye damage as well as bleeding/ swelling on his brain. He was transferred from the local hospital to the University Medical Center in Augusta. At the time it looked somewhat grim.

But after being stabilised, scanned and seen by 5 specialist and countless interns it appears he is not going to require surgery. The brain swelling and bleeding is better and the several facial fractures are much less sever than first thought. Plus there appears to be no eye damage. Right now other than looking like he lost a round to Mike Tyson and being totally confused from the injury and the medication, dad seems to be out of the woods.

Praise God. Even before I could formally ask for your prayers, they have been answered.

Still dad has a long painful recovery to endure and my mother will have a hard time with him I am sure. My sister and I will be platooning at the hospital and later at home as he recovers. Please remember all of us as we travel the several hour drive to and from the hospital, as well as for my dad and mother as we cope with his full recovery.

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Jungle Mom said...

praying. I understand how difficult it is when our folks get older. My MIL fell and broke her femur a few weeks ago.
Thank God he is caring for your Dad already!