Sunday, August 17, 2008

It has been interesting, and sometime trying spending 24 hours a day with my mom. For both of us, I am sure. I love my mother, but it has been more than thirty years since I lived with her. Now don’t misunderstand, Mom is a near saint. But we each have our own ideas and habits. No surprise there, it would be the same with any two people confined to a small space.

If the circumstances were different, less stressful, this would be such a great experience. But worry about my father removes most of the fun. My time together with mom has been hard, yet fun in some ways. I am re-learning so much about her world. The type details you miss living apart. Things you just can’t see within visits.

Another lesson God is teaching me.


Nonohoicha said...

Wow. Thirty whole years.

You must be ooooold

xD No, I'm just kidding, Charles. You're not old.

If you were old you're pretty cool for an old person. :D

Charles said...

Yeah I left home at the age of two. lol

As for staying cool, I try to keep an open mind and an ear to the world around me. ( my love of music and belief in giving NEW bands, styles a shot helps I think ) I love technology, but hold dear the lessons of the past.

And I surround myself with smarter people ( young and old ) who challenge me daily.

A wise elderly, yet cool man at my church when I was a teen gave me this advice. "Never be the first to change with the styles that come and go. But never be the last either."

Thanks for your comment. ;-)

Jungle Mom said...

Been there!
My MIL is now at my BIL's home. She is scheduled for another hip surgery if she can keep from falling again. The problem is her memory lapses and she forgets she can't stand up.