Monday, August 25, 2008

Last night we were singing with the Angels.

At church we heard an awesome, and inspiring message about how God is always in control. How he is there "When Life Hurts Most".

In John 16:33 Jesus promised that in him we will have peace. When we are immersed in Christ.

1) God love us ... no matter what
2)God maintains control
3) God can use everything, even the worst, for eternal good.
God paints on a canvas bigger than we can see or understand sometimes.

The message was especially applicable to my world right now.

It seems like our normal world has fallen apart and sometimes I wonder if it'll ever return to status quo. Broken cars, lawn mowers, growing aches and pains ( aging I guess), Kristie's mothers surgery, my dads injury and his SLOW recovery. The aging of our parents, several deaths amongst our families and friends recently.

The things every one faces from time to time. And if you are not.. you will soon.

You will have trouble, but remember "Our God Reigns". ( John 16:33 )

Last night at NewSpring we had an alter call, for people to come and pray. People were touched, lives were changed forever. And we sang praises. Along with the angels in heaven who rejoice each time a soul is saved.

Thank you Lord for reminding me daily that you are in control. Thank you for the peace only you can supply. And thank you for leading me to a church of true Christ followers, and for letting me be a part of the amazing things you are doing.

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Nonohoicha said...

All God's children singin' Glory, Glory...Hallelujah, He reigns...He reigns...