Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My father has been in the hospital over 11 days now. The first five were spent in the Shock-Trauma ICU. That's within the neurological department.
For the past six days dad has been in a room, still within the neurological wing. In his fall dad suffered some bleeding and swelling on his brain. Compounded with several facial fractures. Dad is out of danger right now and is making some progress, but it is SLOW. He mostly sleeps, rousting from time to time for a moment or two. The doctor says this is normal and are pleased. They have stressed a full recovery is possible, but that the timeline is unknown. Dad can speak in a rough voice and he knows who we are. And praise God he still wants to sing. Just a couple minutes ago we were singing up a storm.

The waiting is hard. And we are far from home which adds to the stress.

My parents are both in their mid 70's and while mom is not truly up to the task, she has insisted on staying very close. It was a battle to get her to agree to go to a hotel once the transferred him to a private room. So it has become my job to "take care" of mom too. And that is fine. I don't mind, that's my privilege. But sometimes it is a challenge.

Please continue to pray for dad's recovery, and as you do remember to include my mom as you pray

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