Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am NOT a good morning person. It is not good to ask me for decisions or even to engage me in a conversation before my coffee and maybe then only after 30 to 45 minutes. I have been around people who drove me crazy talking too much. We all have. But even I never went this far over a chatty Cathy or a talky Tom.

But then I never met this woman’s friend.

After her now former friend I presume came for a visit and talked 30 hours straight, A woman in Germany called the police to “help rescue” her.

WOW having you arrested for talking. Now that’s what friends are for.


Nonohoicha said...

But then, what would you do to get someone out of your house, if they've already been there for that long??
Did you really mean 30 hours straight???
I think I would've strangle the woman with a phone cord by now...

Verja-FunnyBunny said...

Wow! I am a great morning person! I greet every person with a smile! It's morning! A new day!
THAT is a funny story. Your whole blog is funny!

Charles said...

30 hours is not a mis print. No Way she'd have lasted 3 hours with me.