Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We arrived in Saint John in the afternoon and after a minor issue with a toll bridge ( we had no Canadian money yet ) Arrived at the Harbour View hotel. (Canadian spelling) We got a great room with a view and were informed of the free breakfast each morning. Now THAT is my kind of Hotel.

Saint John is on the Bay of Fundy and boasts the largest tides in the world. In fact so much so that the river changes with every high tide to flow backwards. They have famous reversing falls right in town.

Saint John is an industrial city but has a charming harbor walk and a smallish yet very lively downtown. In some ways it reminds me of Asheville but with a Cruise ship dock. Princess indeed had the Grand in port while we were there.

We strolled around and visited the farmers market. So many interesting things there caught my eye. We ran out of time.

That evening we dinned overlooking Falls in one of the nicest places I have eaten in years. I had a wonderful Prime Rib and seafood dinner in a very pleasant place with an unbelievable view. Anderson needs a few nice places to eat where you are not overwhelmed with noise, loud music and a party crowd. A place where you can actually have a conversation with table mates.

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