Monday, November 19, 2007

It had been weeks, and it seemed like months since Ashley came over. She has been asking and so have we. Finally we worked out a time in our schedules and set up a Munchkin night. We thought our waking hours had been full lately until we started looking at the social calendar of this six year old. I could not fathom the number of birthdays, dance recitals, soccer games, and so on kids are involved in.

We always like to let Ashley pick the food and be very involved in cooking. She picked her favorite and it was perfect. Chicken strips and oven baked french fries. She did it by herself with just a little safety help .

Dinner was fine, but the night's main feature was being another
Monkey Bread night MMMMmmm GOOD !!

We had asked her what she wanted to do and she said she'd like to see the Steve Martin movie Pink Panther again. We had watched it before and the two of us rolled in the floor during the funniest parts and our favorite one being the hamburger skit. And we both like the idea of a Rally Cat number to the theme song. She has it choreographed for them already.

After the movie the monk and I noticed a couple more Lady Bugs had sneaked in. So we grabbed on old jelly jar and spent a little time catching them. When we had them all we took the jar outside and set them free. A couple had to be urged to flee the jar but a little shaking did the trick. I'm glad to see the cold. Because since it went below freezing the other night not one of the flying VW's are to be found.

Just before she left Ash spotted the glow- in- the- dark object she had given me. First she reminds me not to eat it, because it'll make me sick. I told her I love my little "glow berry " .
She gets this pained look on her face that says ...huh !! She then informs me it is not a berry. I have it upside down. Turned over it is plain to see.... It's a tree! Green Berry or Glow Tree? I guess I am just hopelessly uneducated when it comes to fine art.

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Jungle Mom said...

wonderful!!! I love monkey bread!!! Yummo!