Thursday, November 08, 2007

After Saint John Kris and I moved onward to the tranquil setting of Prince Edward Island. We drove across New Brunswick on what they call a freeway. Two lanes most of the time but with ramps at the exits. I could get used to that. Everything in Canada is measured with the metric system and being honest, I liked it after getting used to it. Driving at 120km is great. ( 75 mph )

Getting to Charlottetown, PEI means you have to either go on ferry or cross the bridge. The toll is only charged one way no matter which choice you make you only pay upon leaving. We opted to arrive via the bridge and depart on the Ferry. This more suited our routing since the were on opposite ends of the island anyway.

The bridge is a modern and massive bridge. It is eight miles long and high enough that ocean going ships can pass under it. Eight miles long over the COLD Northumberland Strait. The longest single span bridge in the world. But not at all scary. Nothing like the old Charleston Bridges.

Charlottetown is about the size of Anderson, but much more laid back. Filled with great restaurants. The whole island has a farming lifestyle and is somewhat idyllic. If you read Anne of Green Gables you'll remember it was set there. The north side beaches are covered in a fine sand. Almost as fine a talc and the color of red bricks. It is so soft. That is the main draw during the season, but since it was only in the upper 40's while we were there swimming was out of the question. I noticed all our hotels had large indoor pools.

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