Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Every year we like to get together with our parents and take them to the mountains above Asheville. We missed last year because Kristie's dad was still in recovery from when the tree crashed down on him.

It was wonderful to return to StoneyBrook once again. It is a cottage located right up at the border of the National Forest. Surrounded by thousands of acres of forest land, streams and creeks is a great way to relax and truly enjoy the family. The past couple trips we've included Kristie's grandmother too. I must admit is is a great time.

Our tradition is to stop in Asheville and eat at Tripps. The lemon chicken is my tasty favorite. And we ALL always look forward to the Chocolate Mud dessert.

The last time we were there we happened in town during the Christmas parade, and while that is fun it creates a lot of traffic issues. Plus our Parents are getting older now and walking the hills of town is out of the question. We missed the parade this time however and were able to park right at the door.

After a very filling and satisfying meal we made our way to the cabin. The rest of the time was spent lounging around and naturally watching the Clemson, and UGA football games.

This year I hiked to the top of the mountain and got some great views. Most of the area is steep and rugged, and is within a bear preserve. Kristie insists I keep within walkie-talkie contact because she worries about my meeting 'not so Gentle Ben' on the way, or my falling and getting hurt in one of the many creeks I cross.

She need not have. However back in the cabin is where I needed the caution. I hurt my arm a few months ago and some movements cause sharp pain unexpectedly. It happened in the shower. I was reaching to adjust the spray an wasn't even wet yet. A stabbing pain shot through my arm and I jerked it back in reaction. Big mistake. Jerking it caused me to lose my balance and I fell, OUT of the shower through the curtain and banged my head on first the sink and then the floor. I was able to get up unassisted but scared everyone with the crash I made.

Long story short. After we got the bleeding under control I was not as seriously hurt as I thought. Still I bruised my leg, caused a huge bump on the back of my head, cut and bruised my ear and smashed my shoulder. A week later most has healed but I still don't have full use of my arm. Add that to the preexisting injury and I am one armed man right now. But hey it could have been worse. If any of the others fell like that, I doubt their ability to recover at all.
God protected me from serious injury and reminded me I too am growing older and slower.

Still I had a great time and look forward to next year. Without the pain I hope.

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