Friday, November 16, 2007

Like before I could not just sit and enjoy the ride. Right away I was up on deck. It was cold. There was a stiff wind blowing and the temp had really gone down. Add in the 18 knots we were making very soon and you get the picture. All I had was a light windbreaker. But I was not deterred.

Leaving the sheltered waters the ride became rough. I lack the experience to estimate the sea height and the ship give no feeling of scale, but the altitude readout on my GPS varied by as much as 15-18 feet between swells. It was rough.

Not wanting to loose our great seats Kristie and I took turns going to the cafe and bringing back food. She returned with a good looking burger and fries. But you know me. I am on a ship, so I must eat like a sea fearing manly man. I ordered a Grilled Scallop sandwich burger. Actually it was not too bad. It was fun walking with a tray back to the front cabin with those rough waters.

The ride smoothed and I braved the frigid air on the bow while Kristie used her time much wiser. She stretched out across our row and grabbed a few winks.
The Princes of Acadia arrived just outside Saint John harbor at sunset. I manged a few snaps of a large ship with the sun setting behind the hills. It got dark rapidly but with my Binoculars I caught a glimpse of our Harbor View Hotel. We were gaining on a tugboat and then passed it as we came into the sheltered harbor still making around 17 knots. Then all too quickly it was time to mount-up and go. The return to your vehicle announcement finally got me inside and out of the cold.

Disembarking, Kristie and I were glad we had spent the time last week doing a recon of the route to our Hotel. After dark, street signs and landmarks are hard to spot. But we had no trouble thanks to the rehearsal.

After checking-in I quickly made one last side trip. Yes to the nearest Tim Hortons for some HOT soup and coffee to help restore the feeling in my hands and toes.

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