Monday, November 17, 2008

Yesterday at my church we covered one of my favorite stories. Let those without sin cast the first stone. I love the wisdom of Jesus in the face of an obvious trap. I believe accusers set the woman up in their attempt to back Jesus into an answer they wanted to hear. Another question ...where was the man? I mean they caught the woman in the act with a man but where was he, why was he not accused as well? Was he in on it, a part of the trap for Jesus? I like the answer Jesus gave while writing in the sand. Have you ever wondered what he wrote? I believe he was listing all the sins of the accusers. That's just my opinion, because the bible doesn't record the answer. What a fantastic example of wisdom. Funny how when confronted the would be, stone throwing cowards retreated back into the shadows.

Last night our homegroup met for our thanksgiving supper. Because we all have family obligations during the holidays we bumped it up a little. Celebrating Thanksgiving started me thinking about our blessings.

This has been an eventful year for Kristie and me. There have been tough challenges, and almost brutal hardships, but we have also seen some overwhelming rewards and truly the good far exceeds the bad. It was a hectic year filled with ups and downs. I am thankful for all of it. God has used even the hard times to teach me lessons and to show me his plan. Well at least a part of his plan. (I am not ready to see it all.) In the highs and the lows, the good and the bad he has always been right there. God is answering prayers, a lot of times almost quicker than I can pray them.

Our homegroup is another area where God has been showing me amazing things. Leading a group is well beyond anything I could do myself. But God has been opening my eyes to his word in ways I've never seen before. Our members have all developed into close friends, ones we can count on. That is one of the blessings that have come my way.

It's not yet Thanksgiving Day, but I am thankful for all these things. I can't wait to see what next year brings.

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