Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today was sports filled with both the Clemson Tigers and the University of Georgia Bulldogs playing on national television. The bad part was that the UGA and CU games were on at the same times with only a few minutes starting time difference. My poor remote control got a workout. I suspect it'll need new batteries now. The good is Clemson under their interim head coach moved to two and two with a big victory ( 5-5 overall ) . The final in Death Valley was 31-7. Goooo Tigers! The Dogs also won but it was a nail biter down to one second left on the clock. The Georgia / Auburn rivalry is the oldest in the south at over 100 years. The Bulldogs came away with a win, but barely with only a four point margin. 17-13 was the final. Get 'em Dawgs sic 'em !!

As quickly as the final gun sounded in the UGA game Kris and I hopped into our car headed to Anderson University for the opening game of the boys basketball team. It's tough to switch gears from football to hoops so quickly. But Greg and the guys had a fiesta set up in the club box for us to dine on during the game. It was fantastic.

The boys look headed to a great season with a serious win tonight against Tusculum. The Trojans rolled to a 71-57 victory despite being the underdog to a ranked team. Way to go guys .. you made us proud!!!!

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