Monday, November 03, 2008

What are you doing today?

How about joining me and taking time out to pray for our nation and it's leaders.

It's time to pray diligently, and ask God to continue to have mercy on this country, and cause the candidate who keeps closest to GOD'S values- to be the one elected into office.

God has blessed this nation And one of the reasons is because our founding fathers held HIS values. We were founded as one nation under God. Our Constitution was based on biblical principles, and our early laws after the ten commandments.

I believe that is the main reason our country has prospered and been showered in so many blessings.

But things are changing, because of how we are conducting ourselves; in business, economically, socially, and spiritually. Everything that the founding fathers stood for, has been "on the way out" even in our families.

Prayer was taken out of schools, and in some homes as well. Abominations are now taught to our children as "acceptable, normal and 'alternative' lifestyles". Our lives are surrounded by lust, greed and the quest for temporary pleasures. All that matters to many is self. How can I get more, be more, have more power. This is leading to a downfall.

We need to pray and pray hard about the tomorrows elections. Pray, specifically for our leaders. They need to guided by Godly principles and our laws need to follow those as well. We need to do only what is right for our nation and our people. We need to allow God back into every choice we make. Both on a national level in our country as well as on a personal basis within our lives.

Please pray for tomorrows outcome and when you vote keep the will of God for us in your mind.

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