Friday, November 21, 2008

Mohammed Bello has a problem. And he may have to move, or get a divorce. You see Mohammed Bello has 86 wives. Along with One Hundred Seventy children, give or take a dozen.
In the town of Bida Nigeria said he has to leave or divorce all but four of the wives. They say that’s the maximum number allowed under Islamic Sharia law.
He’s filed a suit in court saying his rights are being violated. And the court has granted him a temporary reprieve.
Aside from the religious aspects of this case, could you imagine having 86 wives? Or ladies could you withstand picking-up after 86 husbands?
Well maybe you could get the trash taken out more often.
And around 170 kids, that’s a birthday party almost every other day. One Hundred seventy lunches every morning before school. And I wonder just how many bathrooms we’d need here in America for a family of 257 people?
I’ll have a big Mac extra value meal 49 fish sandwiches, 33 chicken nugget meals and four double burgers hold the pickle, and 170 kids meals please.


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