Friday, December 14, 2007

Good news, Fair News

I had to go to the doctor because of my arm, AGAIN.

I injured my elbow back in the summer and it just wasn't getting better. So about a month ago I made an appointment. Good news it wasn't broken. Bad news it would have healed faster if it had been. My injury stretched and twisted the tendons and caused so slight muscle damage. It's painful and the recovery will be very slow. Baring a new injury with a lot of TLC I should recover someday. ha ha

The came injury number two.

The shoulder seemed to be getting better for a week or so then took a turn for the worse, after an evening at the gym. I have limited range of motion. I can still drive my truck ( a five speed ) and fly the plane, but putting on a shirt or jacket almost brings me to tears.

So yet another appointment. This time after a lengthy exam and a series of x-rays I once again got good news, fair news. It's not broken. It is slightly separated, has tendon damage and muscle inflammation and tearing. I get to take some pills and do therapy for a while, but it too should recover eventually.

So if you see me NOT opening a door for you, or wincing after I carelessly wave hello. Don't take it personal. It hurts !!

Thanks to my family, friends and homegroupies who are remembering me at prayer time.

"Growing old ain't for sissies." Bette Davis

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Jungle Mom said...

Yikes! that is bad and it does take a while to heal. My husband did that to his knee...5 years later and he still has to be careful not to re injure it.