Friday, December 21, 2007

We had so much fun at the homegroup party. Every one was there and everyone brought enough food for 30. So the 14 of us did our best to eat it all. We failed..but only slightly. We laughed and sang carols, played games and told stories. Then we read the Christmas story and had prayer requests. After that we joked and laughed more.

One highlight of the evening was when a antique glass cake cover became hopelessly stuck on a plate filled with muffins. We all had a hand in trying to free it to no avail. We tried hot water, soap, tapping it. We tried pushing one side inward. But nothing could get it to budge. We even considered a drill. We did manage a little bit of water in it, but everyone was afraid to try my idea of microwaving it to boil or near boil the water inside increasing the pressure and hopefully freeing the plate. That or fishing line I think would have provided the solution.
Well it was entertaining anyway. This morning the owner gave up on the more radical ideas and broke the plate with a hammer. Saving the cherished cake cover. I still think fishing line was the best answer.

One prayer request Samantha one of the homegroup kids is having her tonsils out the day after Christmas and she is scared to death. Remember her Wednesday morning.

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