Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I have been waiting for this video for 33 1/2 years.

Deep Purple
at the California Jam in Ontario, California.

It was the second concert I ever attended. An all day outdoor festival held at the raceway. Somewhere around a quarter million people showed up. No one knows for sure how many got in for free. The crowd was amazingly well behaved and the show went on without serious incedent.

I won VIP tickets from a record store chain and got to sit right down front in a fenced off press area. Set apart from most of the crowd. I was there early and stayed all day right down front. The whole thing was filmed by ABC tv and had a lot of crowd shots from on the stage, but haven't seen myself on camera yet.

ABC tv hosted the event to provide for their show In Concert and excerpts of all the bands were shown over several weeks. And the televised segments were also broadcast on FM radio in an early version of simulcasting. I've had most of the audio ( radio broadcast ) on tape since '74, and six or eight years ago a cd of the headlining Deep Purple set came out. It included one song that the radio had skipped.

But now finally .... The DVD with every minute on stage plus bonus stuff. All the songs including several other ones the cd also skipped. With restored audio ( not bad ) and interesting extras.

As for the video, like I noted, the whole festival was filmed by ABC and parts were shown late nights, but that was before VCR's, so nobody had a copy. Actually the video is not too bad. Standard broadcast quality of the time, but very watchable.

The Deep Purple set is OLD School Metal at it's loudest. They were in the Guinness book as the worlds loudest in those days. I wore ear plugs.

Other groups were:

Black Oak Arkansas
The Eagles
Rare Earth
Earth Wind & Fire
Black Sabbath
Seals and Crofts
The Chambers Brothers
Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Who knows? Maybe I am on the camera. 33 years of waiting. I gotta get back and finish watching it.

Crank it up !!

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Jane-Jane said...

no great secret to my weight loss... I started with the better eating for a healthier life (basically a diet for diabetics...) then made some changes to lean toward the anti-inflammatory diet the doc gave me to help with all the pain and aches. And then I eliminated my mold stuff like breads and yogurts. Basically I eat fish, salmon, chicken, pork; all and any veggies I want (raw is always better, but cooked too) and I try to eat two berry servings, one apple and another fruit every day. And I am eating walnuts too.

No white stuff...sugar, flours, rice, potatoes. And NO sodas for about FOUR weeks now. Only one, sometimes two cups of coffee.

And working on my portion control.

Nothing that can't be done.... I just really have to keep reminding myself that my health does effect the ministry at NS, and that THIS is the way God made me. Not one of those with a body that can eat anything and everything. I take my eating to the cross SEVERAL times a day. That has been the biggest help.

I'll be praying for your 15!