Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The past few days have been so very busy I have gotten behind again. Here is another catch-up post.

On Saturday night we watched the UGA football game with Kristie's mom and dad. Kristie's mom cooked steak, gravy and biscuits. "nuff said " GO DAWGS 35-14. The offence looked like a well oiled machine most of the time and the "d" surprised me. They are worthy to be called dogs.

I was on camera Sunday morning. It was an amazing service. Perry spoke on Baptism and over 300 came forward. That's more than 1000 in this series. My little sister surprised us by driving up from beyond Athens just at attend. She listens on the web every week.

After the morning services we all went over to the cafe at A.U.

We hooked up with Dan and Claudia, as well as Danny and Amanda.

Travis was there also. He looked like he was walking better. He had to return to Bethesda the first of the week for more treatment follow-up with the doctors there.

We then had just enough time at home to change and gather the picnic supplies. My mom and dad came over and we all headed to the celebrate Anderson concert. Rita Coolidge was the featured singer and I enjoyed her. She was a favorite of my dad when I was still living at home so I love her music. She still has what it takes.

When we returned home the light in the kitchen would not come on. I changed out the tubes but it must be the ballast . Off to the store when I find 5 minutes. No wait change that to 1 and 1/2 hours. Wally World is likely where I'll go.

Kristie and I scored VIP box seat tickets to the Clemson game yesterday. It pays to know people...pays even better to whine beg and shame them into tickets if it is the Bowden Bowl.
Really we did get to go. We have the chance to sit in the box seats once every year or so and always love it. Who wouldn't? Likely our next game tickets will be in the nose bleed section however, unless some of you feel generous..hint hint, wink wink! BTW it was a great game but the parking was the biggest mess I've ever seen there. Maybe they'll work it out by next week.

Kristie's car is still again in the shop. I think the oxygen sensor is bad.

It finally has rained enough to start the grass growing again.... Had to hop the trusty snapper. A well known tractor company has the slogan " nothing runs like a Deere . The never met my snapper.

Let's take stock here:

I have a Bad arm/ bad leg/ sore back. I am falling apart. Anyone got glue?

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Jungle Mom said...

If you find the glue, send me some! I am down with my back today and likely tomorrow. Thank goodness for laptops!