Thursday, September 20, 2007

It is soccer time again. Last year seems to have only been a couple months ago.

Ashley ( the Monk ) is playing and Jackson ( Soccer Boy ) is on her team again too. In fact the team is mostly returning from last year. They finished in first place before so I expect them to shine. They renamed themselves however this year. The Pirates. Arrrr !!!

Tonight was actually the second game. I went to both and the first thing I noticed a year later is that the intensity is much higher. Last week they won their debut contest 7 - 4. Ashley scored two of those and Jackson made one. The other team really only scored 3 points, but got a goal free when the ball slipped from the goalie's hands on a throw. It had been raining slightly.

They lost tonight in a surprise upset. 3 to 4. I think it was a fluke because they really seemed better than that sounds. Oh well.

Next game they'll hit it hard.

Kristie and I hit Moe's Southwest grill before the game, but chickened-out on going by Sam's Club.

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