Monday, June 06, 2011

the ABC's of this week

A - Air conditioner - Wife's car, "the 'lil Dragster " needs a/c service...again
B - Baseball Game - Attending the game on Anderson Night
C - coffee - enjoying a fresh bag of Kenyan AAA via my great friend Sue who just returned from a mission trip.
D - Dad is doing much better this week
E - Excited by H.G guys night. in the planning stage
F - Friends - I am blessed to know the best
G - picking up the Genset ( it's for sale btw )
H - the Handlebar - looking forward to seeing Randall Bramblett in concert there this week
I - the Invitation at church yesterday. A miracle occurred in many lives.
J - John 17:23
K - Katelyn graduates this week. Is that really possible than my "Sugar Cub " is 18 ?
L - LZU - thinking I'm gonna fly there to visit the "Flying Machine" for dinner this weekend.
M - Music - This week is truly filled with great LIVE music. 4 nights
N - NewSpring - love my church
O - Obvious answers to some of the little problems we face. Others not so clear, yet thankful for all.
P - Pastor Perry Noble - thank you Lord for placing such a man of God in my life.
Q - Quiet time - God has been teaching me to be silent and listen
R - Rush - Worlds greatest Band. In G'ville this week.
S - the "Shock" - girls softball playoffs - the Monk is starting game two on the mound
T - Temperature - saw 99 degrees at my house yesterday
U - U.K. & Ukraine - Our Partner Churches in Europe, as well as Kenya - praying daily
V - Visiting - the New Foundations Children's home
W - Wife - More than I ever dreamed - I love her so much
X - "X" marks the spot for every thing else I forgot to list
Y - Yard - be careful what you wish for. I don't like to mow, and now my lawn is turning brown in this heat.
Z - Zaxby's I got a free meal coupon.

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