Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our flights will Never be late

Then again, we'll never actually be on time either.

When the thrill of being on an airplane matters then we've a flight for you.

Well not exactly a flight....

A retired Airline engineer is selling the 'ride'. With his tickets, you spend a few minutes on an Airbus A-300 jet plane that goes nowhere. It just sits. But people are lining up in droves.

The owner, Captain Bahudar Gupta, makes announcements about take off, landing etc, and his wife and five other crew members go up and own the aisle, serving snacks and drinks.

If any of the ‘passengers’ has to use the facilities, that could be a slight problem because the fuselage has no bathrooms. That is really not a big problem because the "flights" are under an hour each.

So pack you bags, gather the kids and head out on a "STAY CATION" by taking a flight to nowhere.

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