Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I was always told never start off a story with an apology. I guess that applies to blogging too. However since I know nothing about proper writing I shall ignore that advice, and offer my apologies to those who set their lives by my postings. OK I am being silly. But I am a little late posting. I experienced some blog access issues last night. Something about maintenance and I fell asleep while waiting it out.

First up I planned on flying to the Atlanta area this morning on business, but it is seriously foggy here, way to bad to try to takeoff. And the airport at Cobb County is reporting the same if not worse. Maybe later.

As I said in my last post, Saturday was my anniversary. I had a great low key celebration with my beautiful bride. The day started slow because Kris had to forgo sleeping-in to attend a function at the University. Work related Saturdays are rare for her, but that doesn't make it any easier to arise early, especially when I am still sleeping. About the time her event wrapped up and she had returned home both the Clemson and Georgia football games were starting on tv. She had eaten so I grabbed a leftover chicken leg and we settled in to watch those games. Both teams have struggled inexplicably this season but Saturday they cruised to sorely needed victories.

After the game we had dinner reservations at the Galley. It's a somewhat upscale restaurant located on the shore of Lake Hartwell, at the marina. Dining in a quiet romantic setting while watching the sunset over the water was just the anniversary treat we had hopped for. It didn't hurt that the food was wonderful too. Those who know us well will be surprised to learn she, not me ordered the Prime Rib. That she passed up the Chicken Parmesan is still a mystery. I had grilled Salmon and it was amazing. But I did not miss out on the steak as she ate a little less than half and I get the leftovers later this week.

Sunday was special too. Once again we were able to get the whole family together and take my dad to his church. Only his third visit since his accident. Though Liberty Church is the old family church, it is growing so fast I hardly know 25% of the people there these days. That is a great thing. For years they hovered around 100 - 125 regular attending members, but in the past couple years they have more than doubled that. The building is bursting. Fortunately the new facility is nearing completion. During the service it was easy to see why the growth. First the people were on fire, and preacher Todd seriously brought it. Five salvation's. Rejoicing in Heaven was loud Sunday.

After church we were able to take dad out to lunch at a local meat and three place. We had a good time.

One of the things I love about my church is that we have four identical services every Sunday.
So attending in the evening I still did not miss anything. Our teaching pastor and Evangelist Clayton King chopped wood. God is using Clayton and we had witnessed another 126 souls added to the roll. THAT NEVER GETS OLD. Thanks Lord for men of God bring your message and praying people in churches like Liberty and NewSpring. I am so glad to be a part of this movement.

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