Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama NOT the most watched
His TV numbers fall short

For all the media hype about how BIG it was going to be the Inauguration of President Obama was far from the biggest.

The numbers are in and Obama's TV audience was 37.8 million. That means approx 12% of the country watched at least part of the festivities. That includes children in households where the parents watched.

37.8 million watchers is a good number no doubt, but compare this to the Inauguration of President Ronald Reagan who had 41.8 million viewers way back in 1981. 18% of the population. Almost one in five people watched.

I GUESS that proves more people were interested in Ronald Reagan than Obama

Just a thought... maybe it is because we all knew who Reagan was and what he believed. And maybe it is because we the public not just the liberal media, but the ordinary people actually shared his values and cared what he had to say.

Being on the right is just RIGHT !


Jungle Mom said...

Not reported much, huh?

john said...

Roger that on the media being more interested in the O-B-A-M-A than the people. This stimulus package and all of the money they are going to spend is a travesty. Both parties are out of control. Join me in beating the drums for term limits. 2/3 of the states need to pass a constitutional amendment. It is the only way to start to get the government under control.