Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's raining here again. We really need it. Things are looking bad, but this helps.

Like Jane said in her blog.

" WoooHoooo "

Here are a couple photos taken just two weeks ago of what used to be our massive lake.

We are so very thankful for the rain. But in some spots it is proving to be too much to quickly. Driving a short while ago I had to detour because the creek was over the road. Not to worry YET. It's a seldom used old back woods farm road, and so far I've seen no homes threatened. We need to keep a watch however.


Jane-Jane said...

it is dangerous when it comes fast. thankfully we have had some drizzle and no rain times today. hope we don't get the thunder while we try to sleep tonight.
those pictures don't tell half the story, cause it still looks pretty big. but in real life, it is oh so small compared to the past.

Charles said...

Jane is very right. Saturday I crossed a bridge over a dry cove. I could have walked across the cove and remained dry. I remember waterski days and scuba lessons.

Jane-Jane said...

just posted more photos of before and afters of the lake.