Sunday, January 18, 2009

This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine,

We used to sing that song in church as children. I am sure you remember it. We sang a revved-up version today in our worship service. It was fun. I wonder how many of us really shine the light. Or do we hide it under a bushel? Do we take the message of Jesus with us everywhere? Or is that reserved for Sunday school? Are we really a shining beacon for the Lord? Do we truly reflect Jesus with our every action?

This morning after singing that new version of “This Little Light”, we were singing one of my favorites “Mighty To Save” In that tune there is a phrase that says “Shine your light and let the whole world see. For the Glory of the risen King.” As we sang that in worship, many people in the auditorium lifted their hands in praise. That’s wonderful, but it got me thinking. How often do we live our normal Monday through Friday lives as if we were the true focus? Allowing our jobs, our car, the house, our hobbies, a television show, the big game, those little stresses, that day to day whatever to become most important thing to us, consuming our total focus. Were we kind to that stranger with a noisy child in line at the store when they needed a price check? Or did we give them a dirty look? During our daily commute did we cut off some guy with our car as we hurried about, all the while shouting what a jerk HE was? Are we sharing the reflection of God in our lives or do we race about as if our word was on fire?

In our busy little world, IS GOD JUST FOR SUNDAY?

I pray Lord that I always truly shine the light for the world to see. That I will always put you first. Jesus I want you to be the center in my life. Help me remember you are the light. I pray I always strive to show the world around me, all the glory of the risen king. Let me remember to take the time to show all those around me just why we raise our hands to you as we worship.

Hide it under a bushel… NO

I am gonna let it shine.

Mathew 5:16, "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your fine works and give glory to your Father who is in the heaven:"

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