Saturday, April 05, 2008

My fingers are finally warm enough to type again. I got to travel to Atlanta Thursday night to see the Braves play the Pittsburgh Pirates at Turner Field.

But it was COLD and misty all over the southeast and in Atlanta hovered around 47 degrees during the game. Factor in the heavy mist and the slight wind…it was COLD.

We had fantastic seats field level right behind home plate. And as a bonus with those seats comes a choice of items from the clubhouse food menu, brought right to you seat.

I had chicken strips and fries because I figured how can you mess that up, and I thought that would be easier to manage in a small space of the stadium seats.

The game was interesting as well. I was disappointed that starter Mike Hampton was not able to play. I had looked forward to seeing him pitch.

John and Mark are both originally from Pittsburgh and by default Pirate fans. In fact every year they drive home to Pennsylvania just to attend the home opener.

The game was tied at the end of 9 innings so it went to overtime. And after a quirky player move which I had never seen before in professional ball the Braves looked to be in control. But just like that a bad pitch, a walk and a hit had the Pirates a win.

Still though I was frozen I had a great time.

Oh the move was to put the relief pitcher in left field for one batter then bring him back to the mound for the next after a second ( actually 7th ) pitcher did his job.

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