Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Million dollar coffee.

Here is a story to keep in mind while drinking coffee near your computer. This actually happened.

During its approach to London a cup of coffee was spilled over the center pedestal of a 747 jetliner. This caused a number of problems with the captain’s audio panel, the number 2 weather radar, and several of the cockpit displays.

After landing safely, maintenance changed the units involved and sent the plane back out for another flight that afternoon. Following a trouble free preflight, the aircraft departed London for the Far East. While en route both the weather radar sets failed again despite the repair and changing at Heathrow. The plane made a normal landing at its destination, however the repair crew had no replacement parts in Bombay so the plane was grounded until replacements could be shipped from the U.K. The units were changed again. This time it had no effect and the systems remained inoperative. Because of this more flights had to be cancelled while the plane was ferried without passengers back to its home base for more careful repairs. After a time in the shop in London still no fix was accomplished. A specialist was called in from the manufacturing company and the entire center console was removed. This required the removal of the pilots and co-pilots seats and a large section of the floor and the disconnection of over 600 wire connectors. A large job to say the least. When everything was removed and the area was opened for inspection they found the plugs for the radar units flooded with coffee.

After cleanup and replacement of the parts, the plane which now had been out of service five days was once again placed into flight rotation. The estimated cost of the whole ordeal including lost time and revenue was over $985,000.

That is one expensive cup of bad coffee.


Shortstuff said...

that's funny!

Shortstuff said...

oh and thanks for commenting on my blog. funny!

Jane-Jane said...

so do you think the pilot is working for free the rest of his life, his first born's life and all of his grand children's lives?