Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I hope you manage to avoid any tricks or playful pratfalls today

Writing a serious blog or anything else on April first is hard. Unless the writing is of a silly nature.
This is April Fools day. A day where we run amok playing jokes on friends, family and collogues.

For me today is one of the most exciting of the year. I get a free pass to be silly all day long. Some would argue just like the other 364 days of a year.

Today is also a day of remembrance for me. One of my best friends was born today. Don passed away a little over a year ago and I miss hearing from him. So his memories are on my mind. I think the good part of that is the privileged I had to become closer with his daughter and her family. That has been a great blessing.

I have another birthday blessing on this day. Lincoln Edward Dooley (LED is what I call him) was born one year ago this morning. Happy Birthday little man.

I hope you all enjoy a happy April Fools day.

Did you fall for any pranks yet?


Jungle Mom said...

I am not used to this holiday and fell for several pranks, including a few online!

Shortstuff said...

yeah! My friend in pakistan said she was going up north somewhere and wouldnt be able to talk online for 2 or 3 weeks!!!
Also on this cool forum they changed the font so if it's not colored or a link then you cnat see it, unless you have the theme set to haloween. That got a lot of people. lol!
thanks for commenting on my blog!