Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's Masters week.

The crowds are unbelievable. You have to hold a highly sought after reservation just to fly your plane into the airports there. Forget parking it. Hotels are booked solid for miles. It's a big deal.

Even though Anderson is 70 miles by air and 95 driving miles from Augusta Georgia where it is hosted we get a lot of business jet traffic during the final rounds. Today was no exception.

On the ramp today it looked like a biz jet convention.

I counted 9 jets and three turbo props.

Here is a listing:

N40CJ Citation 525
N90PT Citation 550
N426MJ Hawker Jet
N38CP Lear 60
N3900S Citation 560
N47TW Learjet
N930DC Gulfstream IV
N200CH Falcon 2000
N903AG Lear 45
N224VJ KingAir
N155A KingAir
N541MM KingAir

1 comment:

Jane-Jane said...

wow! we were out to dinner on Friday and thought we saw some men that looked like masters attenders...Yeah for our economy!!!