Saturday, April 25, 2009

I've been tagged by Jane -Jane


8 Things I am looking forward to: ( in no special order )

Seeing Jars again
Star Trek ( movie )
The Anderson Airshow
My flight around the world ( BIG maybe right now )
Baptism Tailgating, actually NS in general
Getting great Chinese Food
Actually getting that 400 Gazillion $ promised in the Nigerian e-mail scam.

8 Things I did yesterday:

Explored 4 waterfalls, and an old tunnel. Hiked my legs off.
Ate cold chicken and Dr Pepper.
Had a monster Frosty in Cashiers
still pricing HVAC units
Quiet time on the top of a wilderness mountain
Talked airplane financing at the bank
Watched weather on TV

8 Things I wish I could do:

read more
be more organized
fly around the world ( see above, I'm working on it, REALLY )
Listen more
have Chinese food at least once a week ( see above )
double the cd's I own
get back to regular blogging
return even half of the blessing I receive

8 Shows I watch: ( I REALLY don't watch much TV, but from time to time I watch )

Andy Griffith
Colombo ( on DVD's )
Due South ( best show ever made , watch it on DVD )
Curious George ( watch it more than anything else I guess )
Storm Stories ( Kris loves this show )
Law & Order

**** special bonus *****

Jane I love Rachael Ray's show

I tag YOU

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Jane-Jane said...

Chinese food :)))

Andy Griffith and Curious George :)))

cold chicken and Dr. Pepper :)))

water(falls) :)))