Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Recently our church group, the NewSpring Band was voted the “Best Band in the Upstate” for the third year in a row. Think about that. A church group, playing songs that are up-lifting, filled with praise and worship beat out all other local groups. Jesus filled music was voted better than all the “broken hearted, lying, cheating, hot rod, trucking, she done me wrong” songs.

We had an extra special time doing just that early this weekend during the recording of a live cd. For about an hour and a half the band worked through an amazing set featuring fourteen new original songs. Some rockers, some slower, a couple more worshipful in the traditional style. It’s the same type of music we have every week at NewSpring. I am certain those who attend services at one of our locations would agree. We are blessed.

The night was awesome. Working down front at my camera location, I was overwhelmed. I was surrounded in a virtual sea of people. All around me stood worshipers of all ages, from early teens to those born years sooner. All standing, hands lifted in praise, faces filled with tears of joy, words of rejoicing upon their lips. There is no way to describe fully those moments.

It was a great turnout for a cold Friday night. There were a number of competing events around the community. It was a night for local high school football, Halloween celebrations and more. Even so the crowd was fantastic with large crowds arriving well before starting time. I found out just before the we began that several people from neighboring states had driven down, set-up tents and campers right there in the church parking lot, so they could be there when the doors opened. Imagine, tailgating at church.

But the part that meant the most to me was back stage, just moments before starting. The members of the band, the crew, along with our pastor met, joined arms in a circle, each of us to praying for God’s blessing. I was especially stricken when in his prayer one of the singers, who wrote or co-wrote all of the songs said, “Thank you Lord for giving us these songs and this place to worship you, let us remember tonight and always, it is for your glory not ours that we sing”. What a great prayer.

I’ll post the news here when the cd is ready for release and supply the details of how you can obtain one.

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