Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have always heard girls are cleaner than guys.

Today while cleaning our bathrooms I started to contemplate that theory. I think I may be on to something. Cleaning her shower I noticed three bath cloths and a puff. Four shampoos including one that has something called JoJoBa in it. I saw two conditioners and two bottles of body wash and a tube of paste-like stuff called apricot scrub. Also present was a brush-style thingy and a hunk of seaweed ( I think ) that is used to soften the heals of your feet. I may be wrong about that last idea. There was a whole end with space taken by a cup and a razor. The shave cream was in a tube there as well. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the extra large bars of Dove and Ivory soap. Finally I noticed a bottle of Tilex to clean the shower after each use.

Moving to my bathroom, in my shower I have a bath cloth, a well rounded bar of Dial or some generic soap I donno which. A bottle of peach shampoo ( 99 cents ) and one of those bottles of Tilex ( her idea ) which I forget to use about half the time.

Lets see the score here:

Her Shower; 20 items

My shower; 4 items

My theory: with that many items to contribute she must be at least five times cleaner than me.
Just my thought.. what is your theory?

Did I mention that she always smells incredible?

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Ricky H said...

I'd always been led to believe that women are cleaner than men, too. Unfortunately, I have had the opportunity to visit many women's public restrooms over the years, and have found (much to my disappointment) that it just ain't so.

Perhaps they just keep their home restrooms cleaner (although personal experience leads me to doubt this, as well).