Friday, September 30, 2011

The first half of my week was not very productive. There have been too many of those lately. You see after a great relaxing weekend I thought I was ready for any challenge. I was wrong. Early in the week I was ‘spinning my wheels’. Facing the same problems and issues yet achieving little in the way of results. It had gotten so bad I've been seriously wondering if stuck has become the new normal in my world. I felt like I'd become a character in the movie “Groundhogs Day”. Facing the same situations, reacting to them by doing the same things, then acting surprised when I got and getting the same results. I had fallen into the trap. I was confined to the same old system producing the same old results week after week.

That doesn't just happen to people. It occurs in organizations too. Business, charities, clubs, groups and churches, YES especially churches can all fall victim to the trap of doing it the same way over and over, while achieving little progress.

Tony Morgan has a unique outlook and great style of communicating. In his coming book "Hanging Up the Leisure Suit: How to Get Unstuck” the 2nd in the Leisure suit series, Tony outlines steps for getting 'unstuck'. He shows ways of breaking free of the past and moving ahead. And he does it in a very readable manor that should work for anyone. From regular people to business leaders to senior staff and pastors.

We all get stuck. Sometimes we don't even know it. In his previous book Tony showed why this happens. He related how the same old thinking is rather like continuing to wear that Leisure Suit you had worn so proudly "back in the day". That look is outmoded in today’s world just as many ideas, styles and practices are outmoded by current standards. He teaches how foundations, systems and strategies need to be updated in order to meet the challenges of today. As I said, some people don't even know they are stuck. Because of this, Tony thoughtfully offers an assessment type quiz for you and your organization to take.

I totally needed this book this week in my personal life. Several of the thoughts and ideas I learned can put into practice right NOW. Then I’ll take those thoughts and apply them to my small group leadership. I’m looking forward to the results.

This book came at a perfect time for me. If you are a leader of a church, business or any group you should read this book and take the quiz. Maybe you are like me an individual condemned to simply taking the same old steps but moving nowhere. Feeling like you are knee deep in quicksand of non-progress. If so then by all means read this book, take the quiz and apply the ideas within it. It’s an easy fun read, yet could be one of the most effective tools you’ll find.

We need to "Mind the Gap" between vision and execution The gap between goals and action. Mind the gap lest you slip into it and fall under the train.

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